Monthly Archives: August 2019

Technical knowledge in some form – at least on a basic level – should sit at the core of your photography practice, in my opinion. Do you know about shutter speed? Aperture? ISO? But the funny thing is, if you answered yes to even just one of those, then you’re pretty much good to go. Seriously. So […]
I wouldn’t say you should completely scrap your own vision, but in my experience, you need to “sell out” to a certain extent if you want to keep up with the game. People like what they’ve seen before, what they’re familiar with. People like trends. Everything today is connected, and to stay relevant you need […]
Please, don’t take this as me being overly cynical. It’s simply my observation on originality in photography, specifically in the age of Instagram. But in a weird way, the way trends currently work is kind of like gentrification. In the classic example of gentrification, struggling artists put up shop in a less desirable neighborhood because […]
A bit nihilistic maybe, I know. For real, though, at this point in history it’s just a numbers game. Once you get to the point of having multiple-billions of humans running around on the planet (we’ve been there for a while), how can anything possibly have not been done before? Obviously this applies to photography […]